Prosperity - Spend on Purpose

Reduce overspending and
keep more of what you make.
Building wealth has never
been so easy!

Our History

We've spent years, working with tens-of-thousands in the direct selling world. We got our excellent reputation by selling a niche desktop app. Through the years, we learned what works, what doesn't and how average Joes and Janes think about money.

Over the years our apps have had a contagious effect in people's worlds – enough so that users asked for more, and thought bigger for us than we, at times, had the courage to think for ourselves. We listened as people begged us for a non-niche app. Thus, the idea for Prosperity was born.

We interviewed several finance gurus (accountants, financial planners, personal banking professionals, etc.) and let them tell us what our app absolutely had to include. We asked business owners, Janes, and Joes what they wanted out of a finance app that focused on budgeting. They all agreed: simplicity and authentic, real-life figures were all that really mattered. Most folks just want to know, "How much do I have left in my budget for groceries?" or "How much of this commission check needs to be set aside for tax?".

We've created some nifty apps, but what we've always been best at is educating folks about how to look at money differently. From one speaking tour to the next, one time zone at a time, we invested ourselves into the small business community; teaching owners how to make their money work for them, instead of against them.

We have one enemy – apathy about finance.

We aren't looking to outdo any of the big financial apps – we want people to succeed with their finances instead of living paycheck to paycheck, or one credit card bill to the next. Our focus always has been, and always will be, relevant matter in place of stale numbers – both on the screen, and in the mind.