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Our Security Measures

Before we started writing this application, our foremost concern was your security and peace of mind. This commitment was woven into every fiber of our app.

Managed Hosting and Facility Prosperity has chosen GSI for our hosting needs. With clients like Nokia, Microsoft, Wal-mart, Virgin Atlantic, Borders, Coca-Cola and Burger King, we know GSI provides the hardware, service and expertise you expect.

Our servers reside at a data center, which is proud to have been the first and only hosting facility in the country to be recognized as meeting VISA CISP Security Standards* for managed hosting and co-location hosting. Additionally, GSI is one of only two hosting facilities in the country recognized for physical security.

*The VISA CISP standard is based on "industry best" practices focused on maintaining the confidentiality of cardholder data. GSI lives CISP practices on a daily basis.

Firewall Security The entire Prosperity application - including your data - rests securely behind industry leading firewalls that are continually monitored by information technology experts.

Security Patching Prosperity pays close attention to emerging internet security threats and applies patches to the servers as required to further ensure the security of your data.

Data Backup Our fully-automated backup service transfers your data to one or more of our Tier-1 Enterprise Class data centers utilizing industry-leading software technology. Storing your data at our data centers provides 100% guaranteed power and network availability along with 99.5% guaranteed system uptime, not to mention security.

*You can also backup your data to a comma delimited file.

SSL Security All information sent to and from our servers is encrypted by Comodo trusted 128-bit encryption.