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Reduce overspending and
keep more of what you make.
Building wealth has never
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We Are

Unique in how we approach finances

An app that balances your register(s), does your tax reports

An app that focuses on budgeting/

Disguised Dual Ledger Accounting

A snazzy web 2.0 app with sweet interface

A passionate team of financial gurus

A company who made big waves in the direct selling industry and was told to do it for everyone else.

The best money app you’ll ever use

Changing the way small business does finance

We're Not

Main stream, high budget, bells and whistles

Another Money or Quicken

Enterprise budgeting software

Rigid Peachtree and Quickbooks

Software to buy/maintain/update

Big software conglomerate

Out to make a quick buck

Quickbooks: no payroll here –
we recommend (integration is coming soon,
we promise!)

Invoicing: we recommend

Trying to do it the same ol’ way –
try it and learn to live debt free!

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